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    Studies associated with the feature "words"

    Differential components of sentence comprehension: beyond single word reading and memoryCutting LE, Clements AM, Courtney S, Rimrodt SL, Schafer JG, Bisesi J, Pekar JJ, Pugh KRNeuroImage0.0061
    Functional dissociation of attentional selection within PFC: response and non-response related aspects of attentional selection as ascertained by fMRILiu X, Banich MT, Jacobson BL, Tanabe JLCerebral Cortex0.0053
    Neural bases of asymmetric language switching in second-language learners: an ER-fMRI studyWang Y, Xue G, Chen C, Xue F, Dong QNeuroImage0.0018
    Learning-related changes of brain activation in the visual ventral stream: an fMRI study of mirror reading skillMochizuki-Kawai H, Tsukiura T, Mochizuki S, Kawamura MBrain Research0.0079
    Exposure to subliminal arousing stimuli induces robust activation in the amygdala, hippocampus, anterior cingulate, insular cortex and primary visual cortex: a systematic meta-analysis of fMRI studiesBrooks SJ, Savov V, Allzen E, Benedict C, Fredriksson R, Schioth HBNeuroImage0.003
    Functional network in the prefrontal cortex during episodic memory retrievalUmeda S, Akine Y, Kato M, Muramatsu T, Mimura M, Kandatsu S, Tanada S, Obata T, Ikehira H, Suhara TNeuroImage0.0055
    The development of print tuning in children with dyslexia: evidence from longitudinal ERP data supported by fMRIMaurer U, Schulz E, Brem S, der Mark Sv, Bucher K, Martin E, Brandeis DNeuroImage0.0055
    Human temporal lobe activation by speech and nonspeech soundsBinder JR, Frost JA, Hammeke TA, Bellgowan PS, Springer JA, Kaufman JN, Possing ETCerebral Cortex0.0053
    Is the link between anatomical structure and function equally strong at all cognitive levels of processing?Tahmasebi AM, Davis MH, Wild CJ, Rodd JM, Hakyemez H, Abolmaesumi P, Johnsrude ISCerebral Cortex0.0021
    Identifying bilingual semantic neural representations across languagesBuchweitz A, Shinkareva SV, Mason RA, Mitchell TM, Just MABrain and Language0.0091
    The impact of affect and frequency on lexical decision: the role of the amygdala and inferior frontal cortexNakic M, Smith BW, Busis S, Vythilingam M, Blair RJNeuroImage0.0242
    Abnormal cortical activity in patients with temporomandibular disorder evoked by cognitive and emotional tasksWeissman-Fogel I, Moayedi M, Tenenbaum HC, Goldberg MB, Freeman BV, Davis KDPAIN0.0029
    Evidence of fronto-temporal interactions for strategic inference processes during language comprehensionChow HM, Kaup B, Raabe M, Greenlee MWNeuroImage0.0024
    An fMRI investigation of syllable sequence productionBohland JW, Guenther FHNeuroImage0.0011
    Impairments of speech fluency in Lewy body spectrum disorderAsh S, McMillan C, Gross RG, Cook P, Gunawardena D, Morgan B, Boller A, Siderowf A, Grossman MBrain and Language0.0038
    Neural correlates of episodic retrieval: an fMRI study of the part-list cueing effectCrescentini C, Shallice T, Del Missier F, Macaluso ENeuroImage0.0012
    Trusting our memories: dissociating the neural correlates of confidence in veridical versus illusory memoriesKim H, Cabeza RJournal of Neuroscience0.0054
    Developmental changes in brain regions involved in phonological and orthographic processing during spoken language processingCone NE, Burman DD, Bitan T, Bolger DJ, Booth JRNeuroImage0.0036
    Forgetting of emotional information is hard: an fMRI study of directed forgettingNowicka A, Marchewka A, Jednorog K, Tacikowski P, Brechmann ACerebral Cortex0.0022
    Interplay between morphology and frequency in lexical access: the case of the base frequency effectVannest J, Newport EL, Newman AJ, Bavelier DBrain Research0.019
    Neural correlates of idiographic goal priming in depression: goal-specific dysfunctions in the orbitofrontal cortexEddington KM, Dolcos F, McLean AN, Krishnan KR, Cabeza R, Strauman TJSocial Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience0.002
    Brain networks associated with sublexical properties of Chinese charactersYang J, Wang X, Shu H, Zevin JDBrain and Language0.0012
    When the future becomes the past: Differences in brain activation patterns for episodic memory and episodic future thinkingWeiler JA, Suchan B, Daum IBehavioural Brain Research0.0013
    Anterior cingulate cortex: an fMRI analysis of conflict specificity and functional differentiationMilham MP, Banich MTHuman Brain Mapping0.0012
    Do words hurt? Brain activation during the processing of pain-related wordsRichter M, Eck J, Straube T, Miltner WH, Weiss TPain0.0187
    Autism is characterized by dorsal anterior cingulate hyperactivation during social target detectionDichter GS, Felder JN, Bodfish JWSocial Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience0.0011
    Sensitivity to orthographic familiarity in the occipito-temporal regionBruno JL, Zumberge A, Manis FR, Lu ZL, Goldman JGNeuroImage0.009
    Exploring the unity and diversity of the neural substrates of executive functioningCollette F, Van der Linden M, Laureys S, Delfiore G, Degueldre C, Luxen A, Salmon EHuman Brain Mapping0.0014
    Neural substrates of implicit cueing effect on prospective memoryHashimoto T, Umeda S, Kojima SNeuroImage0.0027
    Attention enhances the neural processing of relevant features and suppresses the processing of irrelevant features in humans: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study of the Stroop taskPolk TA, Drake RM, Jonides JJ, Smith MR, Smith EEJournal of Neuroscience0.0015
    The effect of prior visual information on recognition of speech and soundsNoppeney U, Josephs O, Hocking J, Price CJ, Friston KJCerebral Cortex0.0111
    Language lateralization in unmedicated patients during an acute episode of schizophrenia: a functional MRI studyWeiss EM, Hofer A, Golaszewski S, Siedentopf C, Felber S, Fleischhacker WWPsychiatry Research: Neuroimaging0.0014
    Activity in face-responsive brain regions is modulated by invisible, attended faces: evidence from masked primingKouider S, Eger E, Dolan R, Henson RNCerebral Cortex0.001
    Functional neuroimaging of emotionally intense autobiographical memories in post-traumatic stress disorderSt Jacques PL, Botzung A, Miles A, Rubin DCJournal of Psychiatric Research0.0012
    Maintenance of real objects and their verbal designations in working memoryKaiser S, Kopka ML, Rentrop M, Walther S, Kronmuller K, Olbrich R, Weisbrod M, Stippich CNeuroscience Letters0.0061
    The relationship between aging, performance, and the neural correlates of successful memory encodingDuverne S, Motamedinia S, Rugg MDCerebral Cortex0.0024
    Changes of brain activation pre- post short-term psychodynamic inpatient psychotherapy: an fMRI study of panic disorder patientsBeutel ME, Stark R, Pan H, Silbersweig D, Dietrich SPsychiatry Research: Neuroimaging0.0047
    Common and distinct neural regions for the guidance of selection by visuoverbal information held in memory: converging evidence from fMRI and rTMSSoto D, Rotshtein P, Hodsoll J, Mevorach C, Humphreys GWHuman Brain Mapping0.0011
    Cortical competition during language discriminationZhao J, Shu H, Zhang L, Wang X, Gong Q, Li PNeuroImage0.0012
    Cross-modal processing in early visual and auditory cortices depends on expected statistical relationship of multisensory informationBaier B, Kleinschmidt A, Muller NGJournal of Neuroscience0.0011
    fMRI differences in encoding and retrieval of pictures due to encoding strategy in the elderlyMandzia JL, Black SE, McAndrews MP, Grady C, Graham SHuman Brain Mapping0.0012
    Cerebral asymmetry in children when reading Chinese charactersXue G, Dong Q, Chen K, Jin Z, Chen C, Zeng Y, Reiman EMCognitive Brain Research0.0019
    Neural mechanisms involved in the comprehension of metaphoric and literal sentences: an fMRI studyShibata M, Abe J, Terao A, Miyamoto TBrain Research0.0012
    Grasping language--a short story on embodimentJirak D, Menz MM, Buccino G, Borghi AM, Binkofski FConsciousness and Cognition0.0061
    The functional organisation of the fronto-temporal language system: evidence from syntactic and semantic ambiguityRodd JM, Longe OA, Randall B, Tyler LKNeuropsychologia0.0029
    Contribution of the frontal lobe to externally and internally specified verbal responses: fMRI evidenceTremblay P, Gracco VLNeuroImage0.001
    Task demands modulate sustained and transient neural activity during visual-matching tasksDarcy Burgund E, Lugar HM, Schlaggar BL, Petersen SENeuroImage0.001
    Narrative speech production: an fMRI study using continuous arterial spin labelingTroiani V, Fernandez-Seara MA, Wang Z, Detre JA, Ash S, Grossman MNeuroImage0.0011
    Neural mechanisms of grief regulationFreed PJ, Yanagihara TK, Hirsch J, Mann JJBiological Psychiatry0.0064
    Tuning of the human left fusiform gyrus to sublexical orthographic structureBinder JR, Medler DA, Westbury CF, Liebenthal E, Buchanan LNeuroImage0.0026
    fMRI BOLD responses to negative stimuli in the prefrontal cortex are dependent on levels of recent negative life stress in major depressive disorderHsu DT, Langenecker SA, Kennedy SE, Zubieta JK, Heitzeg MMPsychiatry Research: Neuroimaging0.0077
    Emotional self-reference: brain structures involved in the processing of words describing one's own emotionsHerbert C, Herbert BM, Pauli PNeuropsychologia0.0065
    Resting in peace or noise: scanner background noise suppresses default-mode networkGaab N, Gabrieli JD, Glover GHHuman Brain Mapping0.0027
    The role of semantics and grammatical class in the neural representation of wordsVigliocco G, Warren J, Siri S, Arciuli J, Scott S, Wise RCerebral Cortex0.0153
    Human brain mechanisms for the early analysis of voicesWarren JD, Scott SK, Price CJ, Griffiths TDNeuroImage0.0017
    Thinking about actions: the neural substrates of person knowledgeMason MF, Banfield JF, Macrae CNCerebral Cortex0.0015
    Contributions of sensory input, auditory search and verbal comprehension to cortical activity during speech processingGiraud AL, Kell C, Thierfelder C, Sterzer P, Russ MO, Preibisch C, Kleinschmidt ACerebral Cortex0.0012
    Neural correlates of orthographic and phonological consistency effects in childrenBolger DJ, Hornickel J, Cone NE, Burman DD, Booth JRHuman Brain Mapping0.012
    Hemispheric asymmetry emerges at distinct parts of the occipitotemporal cortex for objects, logograms and phonograms: a functional MRI studyNakamura K, Oga T, Okada T, Sadato N, Takayama Y, Wydell T, Yonekura Y, Fukuyama HNeuroImage0.0011
    Common and specific brain regions in high- versus low-confidence recognition memoryKim H, Cabeza RBrain Research0.0024
    Age-related differences in the neural substrates of cross-modal olfactory recognition memory: an fMRI investigationCerf-Ducastel B, Murphy CBrain Research0.0013
    Neural correlates of a mystical experience in Carmelite nunsBeauregard M, Paquette VNeuroscience Letters0.0017
    Effects of healthy aging on hippocampal and rhinal memory functions: an event-related fMRI studyDaselaar SM, Fleck MS, Dobbins IG, Madden DJ, Cabeza RCerebral Cortex0.0015
    Between-task competition and cognitive control in task switchingYeung N, Nystrom LE, Aronson JA, Cohen JDJournal of Neuroscience0.0011
    Auditory selective attention to speech modulates activity in the visual word form areaYoncheva YN, Zevin JD, Maurer U, McCandliss BDCerebral Cortex0.0035
    Made you look! Consciously perceived, irrelevant instructional cues can hijack the attentional networkMoore KS, Porter CB, Weissman DHNeuroImage0.0011
    The neural response to changing semantic and perceptual complexity during language processingSharp DJ, Awad M, Warren JE, Wise RJ, Vigliocco G, Scott SKHuman Brain Mapping0.0038
    Effect of retrieval effort and switching demand on fMRI activation during semantic word generation in schizophreniaRagland JD, Moelter ST, Bhati MT, Valdez JN, Kohler CG, Siegel SJ, Gur RC, Gur RESchizophrenia Research0.002
    The representation of social interaction in episodic memory: a functional MRI studyMano Y, Sugiura M, Tsukiura T, Chiao JY, Yomogida Y, Jeong H, Sekiguchi A, Kawashima RNeuroImage0.0059
    The inversion effect in visual word form processingKao CH, Chen DY, Chen CCCortex0.0018
    How doctors generate diagnostic hypotheses: a study of radiological diagnosis with functional magnetic resonance imagingMelo M, Scarpin DJ, Amaro E Jr, Passos RB, Sato JR, Friston KJ, Price CJPLoS ONE0.0026
    Fronto-hippocampal function during temporal context monitoring in schizophreniaWeiss AP, Goff D, Schacter DL, Ditman T, Freudenreich O, Henderson D, Heckers SBiological Psychiatry0.0039
    The neural underpinnings of how reward associations can both guide and misguide attentionKrebs RM, Boehler CN, Egner T, Woldorff MGThe Journal of Neuroscience0.0053
    Dissociating cortical regions activated by semantic and phonological tasks: a FMRI study in blind and sighted peopleBurton H, Diamond JB, McDermott KBJournal of Neurophysiology0.0047
    Neural correlates of the spacing effect in explicit verbal semantic encoding support the deficient-processing theoryCallan DE, Schweighofer NHuman Brain Mapping0.0022
    Functional specificity of the visual word form area: general activation for words and symbols but specific network activation for wordsReinke K, Fernandes M, Schwindt G, O'Craven K, Grady CLBrain and Language0.0065
    Repetition suppression for performed hand gestures revealed by fMRIHamilton AF, Grafton STHuman Brain Mapping0.0011
    Neural correlates of S-ketamine induced psychosis during overt continuous verbal fluencyNagels A, Kirner-Veselinovic A, Krach S, Kircher TNeuroImage0.0029
    Altered deactivation in individuals with genetic risk for Alzheimer's diseasePersson J, Lind J, Larsson A, Ingvar M, Sleegers K, Van Broeckhoven C, Adolfsson R, Nilsson LG, Nyberg LNeuropsychologia0.0016
    The effects of tryptophan depletion on neural responses to emotional words in remitted depressionRoiser JP, Levy J, Fromm SJ, Nugent AC, Talagala SL, Hasler G, Henn FA, Sahakian BJ, Drevets WCBiological Psychiatry0.002
    The precuneus: a review of its functional anatomy and behavioural correlatesCavanna AE, Trimble MRBrain0.0012
    Generating animal and tool names: an fMRI study of effective connectivityVitali P, Abutalebi J, Tettamanti M, Rowe J, Scifo P, Fazio F, Cappa SF, Perani DBrain and Language0.0012
    Cortical activation and synchronization during sentence comprehension in high-functioning autism: evidence of underconnectivityJust MA, Cherkassky VL, Keller TA, Minshew NJBrain0.0011
    Emotional context during encoding of neutral items modulates brain activation not only during encoding but also during recognitionErk S, Martin S, Walter HNeuroImage0.0039
    Inter-subject variability in the use of two different neuronal networks for reading aloud familiar wordsSeghier ML, Lee HL, Schofield T, Ellis CL, Price CJNeuroImage0.0086
    Are cortical motor maps based on body parts or coordinated actions? Implications for embodied semanticsFernandino L, Iacoboni MBrain and Language0.001
    Speaking words in two languages with one brain: neural overlap and dissociationLiu H, Hu Z, Guo T, Peng DBrain Research0.0011
    fMRI characterization of the language formulation areaDien J, Franklin MS, Michelson CA, Lemen LC, Adams CL, Kiehl KABrain Research0.0031
    Regional specificity of format-specific priming effects in mirror word reading using functional magnetic resonance imagingRyan L, Schnyer DCerebral Cortex0.0146
    Neural correlates of the processing of self-referent emotional information in bulimia nervosaPringle A, Ashworth F, Harmer CJ, Norbury R, Cooper MJNeuropsychologia0.0138
    When do you grasp the idea? MEG evidence for instantaneous idiom understandingBoulenger V, Shtyrov Y, Pulvermuller FNeuroImage0.0089
    Auditory processing of different types of pseudo-words: an event-related fMRI studyRaettig T, Kotz SANeuroImage0.0108
    Reduced amygdala-orbitofrontal connectivity during moral judgments in youths with disruptive behavior disorders and psychopathic traitsMarsh AA, Finger EC, Fowler KA, Jurkowitz IT, Schechter JC, Yu HH, Pine DS, Blair RJPsychiatry Research: Neuroimaging0.0039
    Speech recognition in younger and older adults: a dependency on low-level auditory cortexHarris KC, Dubno JR, Keren NI, Ahlstrom JB, Eckert MAJournal of Neuroscience0.0022
    Cortical network dynamics during source memory retrieval: current density imaging with individual MRIKim YY, Roh AY, Namgoong Y, Jo HJ, Lee JM, Kwon JSHuman Brain Mapping0.0032
    Attentional control of task and response in lateral and medial frontal cortex: brain activity and reaction time distributionsAarts E, Roelofs A, van Turennout MNeuropsychologia0.0015
    Involvement of the cerebellum in semantic discrimination: an fMRI studyXiang H, Lin C, Ma X, Zhang Z, Bower JM, Weng X, Gao JHHuman Brain Mapping0.0036
    Distinct brain regions associated with syllable and phonemeSiok WT, Jin Z, Fletcher P, Tan LHHuman Brain Mapping0.0032
    Neural basis of the non-attentional processing of briefly presented wordsPeng DL, Xu D, Jin Z, Luo Q, Ding GS, Perry C, Zhang L, Liu YHuman Brain Mapping0.0141
    Material-specific lateralization of memory encoding in the medial temporal lobe: blocked versus event-related designPowell HW, Koepp MJ, Symms MR, Boulby PA, Salek-Haddadi A, Thompson PJ, Duncan JS, Richardson MPNeuroImage0.0067
    Intrinsically organized network for word processing during the resting stateZhao J, Liu J, Li J, Liang J, Feng L, Ai L, Lee K, Tian JNeuroscience Letters0.0048
    Syntax production in bilingualsGolestani N, Alario FX, Meriaux S, Le Bihan D, Dehaene S, Pallier CNeuropsychologia0.0059
    Acute effects of alcohol on neural correlates of episodic memory encodingSoderlund H, Grady CL, Easdon C, Tulving ENeuroImage0.0024
    Word and non-word reading: what role for the Visual Word Form Area?Vigneau M, Jobard G, Mazoyer B, Tzourio-Mazoyer NNeuroImage0.0065
    The voices of seduction: cross-gender effects in processing of erotic prosodyEthofer T, Wiethoff S, Anders S, Kreifelts B, Grodd W, Wildgruber DSocial Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience0.0018
    Brain activation during sentence comprehension among good and poor readersMeyler A, Keller TA, Cherkassky VL, Lee D, Hoeft F, Whitfield-Gabrieli S, Gabrieli JD, Just MACerebral Cortex0.0017
    Neuroanatomical dissociation of encoding processes related to priming and explicit memorySchott BH, Richardson-Klavehn A, Henson RN, Becker C, Heinze HJ, Duzel EJournal of Neuroscience0.0203
    The role of the left inferior frontal gyrus in implicit semantic competition and selection: An event-related fMRI studyGrindrod CM, Bilenko NY, Myers EB, Blumstein SEBrain Research0.0037
    Neural processing of negative word stimuli concerning body image in patients with eating disorders: an fMRI studyMiyake Y, Okamoto Y, Onoda K, Shirao N, Okamoto Y, Otagaki Y, Yamawaki SNeuroImage0.0058
    NMDA hypofunction in the posterior cingulate as a model for schizophrenia: an exploratory ketamine administration study in fMRINorthoff G, Richter A, Bermpohl F, Grimm S, Martin E, Marcar VL, Wahl C, Hell D, Boeker HSchizophrenia Research0.005
    Reading cinnamon activates olfactory brain regionsGonzalez J, Barros-Loscertales A, Pulvermuller F, Meseguer V, Sanjuan A, Belloch V, Avila CNeuroImage0.0185
    The role of rostral prefrontal cortex in prospective memory: a voxel-based lesion studyVolle E, Gonen-Yaacovi G, Costello Ade L, Gilbert SJ, Burgess PWNeuropsychologia0.0044
    The semantic interference effect in the picture-word paradigm: an event-related fMRI study employing overt responsesde Zubicaray GI, Wilson SJ, McMahon KL, Muthiah SHuman Brain Mapping0.0019
    Neural basis for sentence comprehension: grammatical and short-term memory componentsCooke A, Zurif EB, DeVita C, Alsop D, Koenig P, Detre J, Gee J, Pinango M, Balogh J, Grossman MHuman Brain Mapping0.0016
    Differential activation of object-selective visual areas by passive viewing of pictures and wordsReinholz J, Pollmann SCognitive Brain Research0.0104
    Categorical and thematic knowledge representation in the brain: neural correlates of taxonomic and thematic conceptual relationsSachs O, Weis S, Krings T, Huber W, Kircher TNeuropsychologia0.0018
    Grammatical categories in the brain: the role of morphological structureLonge O, Randall B, Stamatakis EA, Tyler LKCerebral Cortex0.0079
    Enhanced visual functioning in autism: an ALE meta-analysisSamson F, Mottron L, Soulieres I, Zeffiro TAHuman Brain Mapping0.0039
    Restored speech comprehension linked to activity in left inferior prefrontal and right temporal cortices in postlingual deafnessMortensen MV, Mirz F, Gjedde ANeuroImage0.0026
    Patterns of brain reorganization subsequent to left fusiform damage: fMRI evidence from visual processing of words and pseudowords, faces and objectsTsapkini K, Vindiola M, Rapp BNeuroImage0.0039
    Functional asymmetries in the representation of noise-vocoded speechMillman RE, Woods WP, Quinlan PTNeuroImage0.0058
    Bidirectional connectivity between hemispheres occurs at multiple levels in language processing but depends on sexBitan T, Lifshitz A, Breznitz Z, Booth JRThe Journal of Neuroscience0.0016
    Impact of personality on the cerebral processing of emotional prosodyBruck C, Kreifelts B, Kaza E, Lotze M, Wildgruber DNeuroImage0.0013
    Ventrolateral prefrontal cortex and self-initiated semantic elaboration during memory retrievalRaposo A, Han S, Dobbins IGNeuropsychologia0.0066
    Aberrant functional connectivity in autism: evidence from low-frequency BOLD signal fluctuationsNoonan SK, Haist F, Muller RABrain Research0.002
    Critical comments on dynamic causal modellingLohmann G, Erfurth K, Muller K, Turner RNeuroImage0.0011
    Age-related differences in brain activity during verbal recency memoryRajah MN, McIntosh ARBrain Research0.0011
    Reading normal and degraded words: contribution of the dorsal and ventral visual pathwaysCohen L, Dehaene S, Vinckier F, Jobert A, Montavont ANeuroImage0.0125
    Impaired semantic processing during sentence reading in children with dyslexia: combined fMRI and ERP evidenceSchulz E, Maurer U, van der Mark S, Bucher K, Brem S, Martin E, Brandeis DNeuroImage0.0027
    Brain activation and lexical learning: the impact of learning phase and word typeRaboyeau G, Marcotte K, Adrover-Roig D, Ansaldo AINeuroImage0.0041
    Glucocorticoid-induced impairment of declarative memory retrieval is associated with reduced blood flow in the medial temporal lobede Quervain DJ, Henke K, Aerni A, Treyer V, McGaugh JL, Berthold T, Nitsch RM, Buck A, Roozendaal B, Hock CEuropean Journal of Neuroscience0.0029
    Is the semantic category effect in the lateral temporal cortex due to motion property differences?Lin N, Lu X, Fang F, Han Z, Bi YNeuroImage0.006
    Distinct representations of phonemes, syllables, and supra-syllabic sequences in the speech production networkPeeva MG, Guenther FH, Tourville JA, Nieto-Castanon A, Anton JL, Nazarian B, Alario FXNeuroImage0.0012
    Top-down and bottom-up attention to memory are dissociated in posterior parietal cortex: neuroimagingand and neuropsychological evidenceCiaramelli E, Grady C, Levine B, Ween J, Moscovitch MThe Journal of Neuroscience0.0018
    Feedback signals in the caudate reflect goal achievement on a declarative memory taskTricomi E, Fiez JANeuroImage0.001
    Forgetting as an active process: an FMRI investigation of item-method-directed forgettingWylie GR, Foxe JJ, Taylor TLCerebral Cortex0.007
    Neural substrates of self-referential processing in Chinese BuddhistsHan S, Gu X, Mao L, Ge J, Wang G, Ma YSocial Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience0.0026
    The effect of acute tryptophan depletion on emotional distraction and subsequent memoryWang L, Mullette-Gillman OA, Gadde KM, Kuhn CM, McCarthy G, Huettel SASocial Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience0.0012
    The role of the supplementary motor area (SMA) in word productionAlario FX, Chainay H, Lehericy S, Cohen LBrain Research0.0041
    Dissociating the "retrieval success" regions of the brain: effects of retrieval delayHuijbers W, Pennartz CM, Daselaar SMNeuropsychologia0.0011
    The Visual Word Form Area: evidence from an fMRI study of implicit processing of Chinese charactersLiu C, Zhang WT, Tang YY, Mai XQ, Chen HC, Tardif T, Luo YJNeuroImage0.0014
    Neural correlates of syntactic transformationsWartenburger I, Heekeren HR, Burchert F, Heinemann S, De Bleser R, Villringer AHuman Brain Mapping0.0011
    Dopamine D(1) receptors and age differences in brain activation during working memoryBackman L, Karlsson S, Fischer H, Karlsson P, Brehmer Y, Rieckmann A, MacDonald SW, Farde L, Nyberg LNeurobiology of Aging0.0011
    How negative affect influences neural control processes underlying the resolution of cognitive interference: an event-related fMRI studyMelcher T, Born C, Gruber ONeuroscience Research0.0011
    Differential temporo-parietal cortical networks that support relational and item-based recency judgmentsKimura HM, Hirose S, Kunimatsu A, Chikazoe J, Jimura K, Watanabe T, Abe O, Ohtomo K, Miyashita Y, Konishi SNeuroImage0.0027
    Lexical ambiguity in sentence comprehensionMason RA, Just MABrain Research0.0076
    Emotional modulation of the attentional blink: the neural structures involved in capturing and holding attentionSchwabe L, Merz CJ, Walter B, Vaitl D, Wolf OT, Stark RNeuropsychologia0.0031
    Impaired efficiency of functional networks underlying episodic memory-for-context in schizophreniaWang L, Metzak PD, Honer WG, Woodward TSThe Journal of Neuroscience0.002
    Dissociation within the frontoparietal network in verbal working memory: a parametric functional magnetic resonance imaging studyChampod AS, Petrides MThe Journal of Neuroscience0.013
    The relationship between level of processing and hippocampal-cortical functional connectivity during episodic memory formation in humansSchott BH, Wustenberg T, Wimber M, Fenker DB, Zierhut KC, Seidenbecher CI, Heinze HJ, Walter H, Duzel E, Richardson-Klavehn AHuman Brain Mapping0.0022
    The effect of sublexical and lexical frequency on speech production: An fMRI investigationShuster LIBrain and Language0.015
    When less means more: deactivations during encoding that predict subsequent memoryDaselaar SM, Prince SE, Cabeza RNeuroImage0.0023
    Reactivation of medial temporal lobe and occipital lobe during the retrieval of color information: A positron emission tomography studyUeno A, Abe N, Suzuki M, Hirayama K, Mori E, Tashiro M, Itoh M, Fujii TNeuroImage0.0045
    Semantic adaptation and competition during word comprehensionBedny M, McGill M, Thompson-Schill SLCerebral Cortex0.006
    Cortical and subcortical connectivity changes during decreasing levels of consciousness in humans: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study using propofolMhuircheartaigh RN, Rosenorn-Lanng D, Wise R, Jbabdi S, Rogers R, Tracey IThe Journal of Neuroscience0.0013
    Common regions of dorsal anterior cingulate and prefrontal-parietal cortices provide attentional control of distracters varying in emotionality and visibilityLuo Q, Mitchell D, Jones M, Mondillo K, Vythilingam M, Blair RJNeuroImage0.0022
    Phonological processing in Chinese-English bilingual biscriptals: an fMRI studyTham WW, Rickard Liow SJ, Rajapakse JC, Choong Leong T, Ng SE, Lim WE, Ho LGNeuroImage0.0037
    Co-activation of the amygdala, hippocampus and inferior frontal gyrus during autobiographical memory retrievalGreenberg DL, Rice HJ, Cooper JJ, Cabeza R, Rubin DC, Labar KSNeuropsychologia0.0011
    Evidence for developmental changes in the visual word processing network beyond adolescenceBrem S, Bucher K, Halder P, Summers P, Dietrich T, Martin E, Brandeis DNeuroImage0.0075
    Affective brain regions are activated during the processing of pain-related words in migraine patientsEck J, Richter M, Straube T, Miltner WH, Weiss TPAIN0.0109
    Incidental effects of emotional valence in single word processing: an fMRI studyKuchinke L, Jacobs AM, Grubich C, Vo ML, Conrad M, Herrmann MNeuroImage0.0096
    Dopaminergic response to drug words in cocaine addictionGoldstein RZ, Tomasi D, Alia-Klein N, Honorio Carrillo J, Maloney T, Woicik PA, Wang R, Telang F, Volkow NDJournal of Neuroscience0.0093
    Spoken word memory traces within the human auditory cortex revealed by repetition priming and functional magnetic resonance imagingGagnepain P, Chetelat G, Landeau B, Dayan J, Eustache F, Lebreton KJournal of Neuroscience0.0106
    The neural correlates of verbal encoding and retrieval in monozygotic twins at low or high risk for depression and anxietyWolfensberger SP, Veltman DJ, Hoogendijk WJ, De Ruiter MB, Boomsma DI, de Geus EJBiological Psychology0.0107
    Connectivity among semantic associates: an fMRI study of semantic primingWible CG, Han SD, Spencer MH, Kubicki M, Niznikiewicz MH, Jolesz FA, McCarley RW, Nestor PBrain and Language0.0059
    Additive effects of serotonin transporter and tryptophan hydroxylase-2 gene variation on neural correlates of affective processingCanli T, Congdon E, Todd Constable R, Lesch KPBiological Psychology0.0011
    Cortical circuits for silent speechreading in deaf and hearing peopleCapek CM, Macsweeney M, Woll B, Waters D, McGuire PK, David AS, Brammer MJ, Campbell RNeuropsychologia0.0016
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    What is this?

    This page displays information for an automated Neurosynth meta-analysis of the feature "words". The meta-analysis was performed by automatically identifying all studies in the Neurosynth database that loaded highly on the feature, and then performing meta-analyses to identify brain regions that were consistently or preferentially reported in the tables of those studies.

    What do the "forward inference" and "reverse inference" maps mean?

    For a detailed explanation, please see our Nature Methods paper. In brief, the forward inference map displays brain regions that are consistently active in studies that load highly on the feature "words". Regions with large z-scores are reported more often than one would expect them to be if activation anywhere in the brain was equally likely. Note that this is typically not so interesting, because it turns out that some brain regions are consistently reported in a lot of different kinds of studies (again, see our paper). So as a general rule of thumb, we don't recommend paying much attention to forward inference maps.

    Reverse inference maps are, roughly, maps displaying brain regions that are preferentially active for the feature in question. The reverse inference map for words displays regions that are reported more often in studies that load highly on this feature than in studies that do not load highly on this feature. Most of the time this a much more useful way of thinking about things, since reverse inference maps tell you, in some sense, which brain regions are more diagnostic of the feature in question, and not just which regions are consistently activated in studies associated with that feature.

    How do you identify studies associated with a feature?

    That depends on the kind of feature. At present, most of the features on this website are term-based, meaning that the meta-analyses are based strictly on how frequently a term (in the present case, 'words') was used in an article. By default, we use a threshold of 0.001, meaning that we consider a study to be associated with a feature if it uses that term at least once every 1,000 words on average. For features that aren't term-based, study selection criteria may vary.

    I need more details! How exactly were these maps and data generated?

    If you want to know exactly how things work, we encourage you to clone the Neurosynth python tools from our github repository and work through some of the examples and code provided in the package. Everything you see on this page was generated using the default processing stream, so you should be able to easily generate the exact same images (unless the underlying database has grown or changed) for yourself.